Bet on it

2016 is supposed to be the year I bet on myself. Although Im unsure where all my bravado-false or otherwise– has gone. I feel petrified. Even though logically, I know Im capable. I work in entertainment, and I have been relatively successfully as a supporting member of a team. Yet believing Im worth peoples time, […]

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I always crave sugar. Its the little, addictive moment of escape that feels like a reward. I crave sugar so that I feel relieved and talented. A taste of ice cream or chocolate is just a reminder how delicious the world is. Yet I dont listen to my body. I can feel the growing fullness, […]

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I need to tell you about

that itchy sensation in the back of my chest, harboring resistance and anxiety. I can try and move forward, three or four steps at a time. And then, I find myself falling into the familiar patterns of doubt and insecurity. I love this person. I love them in the way that I need to share […]

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I went to a poetry slam tonight. It was divine. I always think I have such strange, cruel thoughts and such a horrid past…yet when I hear people be their real, raw selves on stage it illuminates my heart, causing me to feel energized and loved. Humanity is out there. Connection is out there. You […]

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Uncomfortable Happiness

I find it so strange when I wake up in the morning, feeling magnificent. Im assuming a good night sleep is to blame, but I think Im finally settling into who I am–with no shame or apologies. I mean I still feel this sense of, gosh why cant I be like everyone else, but everyone […]

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