Genie consumed

I went to see a broadway show tonight. First time in maybe 6 years. Oh it was good to see live theater. I highly recommend Kinky Boots the musical to anyone who may be interested.

I remember seeing Kinky Boots the film when I was about 13 years old. The movie kindled this flame inside my heart that longed to be witty, admired and sensational–just like  Lola the drag queen.

I have a long history with gender. Considering I’ve been raised in this gender binary society. Tomorrow I will give you the details, but for now I just need to say the following–

I love people who play with gender, who explore its bounds, who seek to redefine something so limiting—I find this to be one of the sexiest things a person can do. Explore the performance of gender. And yes performing gender and the ambiguities as it relates to gender confirmation surgeries for transexuals is definitely something to be delved into.

I greatly admire Ru Paul. He knows that he mocks gender and society. But he’s fucking enchanting. His hyperbolic presence is something I wish I could be praised for in my own life. My life is not mundane or simple. It’s full of contrast, blush, and prosthesis. It’s bold and brash and sometimes that hurts. Drag queens are listened to with a ravenous appetite for their truth telling and insight. They inhabit this space that is both male and female, but with greater power than a cisgender woman might have.





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