Strange Love

Have you ever noticed how much society is all about love and partnership? That your life is supposedly meaningless if you can’t find love and be loved. Or settle down.Or get married. Or, or, or…

The love that society supports is that amorous, romantic love that must be indulgent to our biological necessities…aiming to improve our lives with offspring. Or something.

But love comes in so many forms. So many beautiful forms. And it shouldn’t be the number one goal to find someone(s) to be with…your soul mate let’s say.

I’m not against romantic love. But I’ve never experienced mutual romantic love and I don’t feel ashamed about it. At least right now. I am very fortunate to have extraordinary platonic love with my best friend, to experience maternal-unconditional love with my horse and dog, and to be so passionate about the world that every day it feels as if I’ve developed a new crush or new zeal…I crave experience and delight, things that feel beautiful and delicious. Moments that make me eager to live another day. I am also finally experiencing that sweet, encouraging self love.

Yet I do admit, there’s that love–that sexual, romantic, you and me against the world as a team–love that permeates every inch of normality that you will feel completely broken if you don’t find a mate.And I do feel that a lot of the time.

But once you’re aware that we live in a love obsessed society–one that profits from the consumption of love and “happiness”–you don’t feel so awkward…I guess.

Or at least, less hopeless.

I do wish I could know what it’s like to have a partner that your intimate with at every level. Physical, emotional, spiritual, mental…etc

But I won’t be a slave to our romantic ways. Instead, here’s to experience and good conversations. To moments of understanding and excitement. To loving yourself deeply and passionately. To a life beyond the conquest.




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