I cant lie

to others. Or to those that I value.


I can’t lie to people that need to understand what they mean to me.

I told Them that I care.

that They matter to me. Yesterday. They didn’t respond.

Is that a crime? To care? To value another person? Surely it can’t be…but to inform someone you care goes against our cultural conduct.

You can’t tell someone you care–its unwarranted. Overwhelming. Overbearing. Too much.

Always too much.

Society says you can’t tell someone you value them unless its under the right circumstance…say they saved your life or its their birthday or I don’t know…

But why can’t we live in a world that we share with each other how much everyone means to us–whenever we feel like it? Why do we have to hide behind subtext or brutish behaviors in order to be deemed “adult” or “logical”?

There’s nothing wrong with caring. With loving a little louder than most. With being the bright light in a dark room.

It just might mean we get stung a bit more, rejected a bit more often, find ourselves a little too shiny for a world so dull.

but don’t let them dull your sparkle, you unbreakable diamond.



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