Oh gosh

I told myself no more. No more contact. No more time spent wishful thinking or moping or romanticizing Them.

But then, yesterday I ran into an old classmate. Them and I went to the same  high school–where everyone knew just about everybody as our whole school was only 300 people or so. Them was the grade above me. Never in my high school career did we exchange words. Then out of nowhere They responded to this Star trek trivia post I had on facebook. It was the summer before Sophmore year of college…and after that post we connected and its been a operatic tragedy ever since.

Anyways where was I…So yesterday I saw an old high school classmate and he mentioned a story about Them and we took a picture and I shamelessly sent it to Them as a token of nostalgia. I thought they wouldn’t respond but they did…and We had such a beautiful conversation.

They showed some recent journal writing and it was magnificent and we had a really open conversation about writing and our friendship.


They said they appreciate me. And I believe Them. I think the best way we move forward now, or for me to proceed, is to focus on developing our friendship. Its been confusing since weve had sex before…slept over each others houses…confusing beyond repair.

But one thing I know for sure is that They are a kindred spirit. And were apart of some sort of tribe. And I do not need to constantly prove to Them Im worth their energy and attention. I surrender my insecurirites and embrace this connection for what it is.


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