A few of the most annoying things

when your throat itches and you can’t make it stop

when your eyes tear up and it’s not because of emotions, it’s because of allergies…at least you think?

when you don’t sleep well and your PTSD symptoms are elevated and everything is just 12x louder and bolder and harsher and meaner and grosser and, and, and, and..

when people don’t clean out their cat’s litter box

when people over season food

when you try to explain disassociation to someone and they’re gaze drifts off because they don’t get it

when every noise hurts every nerve fiber in your body

when someone complains to you about how they want to be healthy and then they do something that you all know is very unhealthy.

mold and mildew

when people don’t respond to your texts

when people make plans and they automatically think you’re committed to their plans, but they haven’t discussed it with you yet.

when your nose is still itchy and can’t stop twitching even when you get away from all the pollen and mildew…

these are few of my most annoying things





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