I would

I would give you the world. And the moon and the stars and every other cliched sappy description of devotion you could bleed your heart to.

I would share with you the beauty of flower petals on the ground and the the sun hitting a window at just the right angle.

I would drive you anywhere. Anywhere you like. Nebraska? let’s go. The ocean? Now’s the time.

I would take you to Costco and buy you everything. No, two of everything. You would never go hungry. Let me feed you. And make sure you at least have clean sheets.

I would clean your bathroom. Or at least hire someone to clean the bathroom….

I would split every meal I had into halves, sharing it with you no matter what.

I would hold your face in the my hands and hold your gaze–ensuring you understood that you are enough. And you are precious to me.



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