Today I learned I have needs. 

Ha how ridiculous does that sound. But seriously–for the majority of my existence I have always put other peoples wants and needs ahead of mine to the point I surpressed my own basic needs. Like sleeping. Eating. The basic standards of health. A life worth living. A decent life.

See other people’s needs have always been more important than mine. But for the first time Im fonally grappling with the reality that I have needs. And standards. Preferences. Things I will and will not tolerate…

I have to start determining what I do need and what I want as well as how to express those desires and needs to others. 

Is it possible to fight for my needs without hurting others? To take care of myself and whats best for me? That sounds so horrifying.

How do I remind myself–everday–that I matter? That my needs matter? Am I not worthy? 

Please, let me be worthy. Let me fight for myself. And believe in myself.



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