You know when

you meet someone who speaks your language? and looks you in the eye? and understands exactly what you say? and doesn’t fear the emotions that rain off your body and the experiences that navigate your path?

You know when someone says something enthralling and exciting and fascinating and strange and makes you want to believe there is still people in this world worth listening to and learning from and digest those biscuits of nutritious endearment and people can have thoughts that aren’t all the same and people are brave and willing and eager to do things and the mundane is not just an excuse and we can be more than just this and we can also just be this and there is nothing wrong with this and experiencing this is just the beginning and how beautiful is it to be here right now and find another member of our tribe.

that’s the longest run on sentence. but that doesn’t make it any less true.

I like dissecting the minds of people who aren’t afraid to experience life on their own terms and conditions. I like finding people that create and grow and take their pain and make something of it.

Not that you have to.

Not that you have to do anything.

I like artists who make you feel things

and put images and color and textures together in a symposium of collaboration that wouldn’t necessarily go together until this artist came and instructed them how to work together.

I like people who speak lyrics. Lyrical speakers.




I’m grateful for this moment.



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