Act 1: Desmond

I’m starting to unpack¬†the blackouts. Fumbling around in the dark of my crevices. Finding what I hid from myself. It seems to be all related to ages 8-13. Especially age 12. I’m scared to start digging. There’s so many bones, so much spilt blood, so much damage and scar tissue bumbling to the surface. There […]

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blood burden

I share a bathroom with my roommate G. G has never had a girlfriend or sisters or anything super intimate with women since G is gay and grew up with two brothers–even though G is a hairstylist with mostly female clients. G seems to be all down to respect with women’s needs and the other […]

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Ridicule for being yourself for loving someone for being honest for being truthful for trusting someone   to be ridiculed is to be tortured for merely existing. for trying to live. to survive. to be you. to ridiculed means your best is not good enough because the antagonist has decided you’re the target of their […]

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“Let me tell you about this God you worship. You pray to a sadist who gets high off pain. And their guardian is this crescent shaped smile we call humanity that tries to clean up after God’s messes. God likes conflict as it’s interesting. God likes pain as it’s exciting. God likes destruction as it’s […]

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Which one are you? I know we resonate on the same frequency I always worry theres no soul mate out there for me. Just glimpses of would haves, could haves, maybe next time. Nothing dependable. Maybe kindred is enough for me. Maybe just being recognized and understood will suffice. I do wish to grow and […]

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