blood burden

I share a bathroom with my roommate G. G has never had a girlfriend or sisters or anything super intimate with women since G is gay and grew up with two brothers–even though G is a hairstylist with mostly female clients. G seems to be all down to respect with women’s needs and the other ladies in my household Putting up with Men’s Shit (PMS) or comparing tits but today was different…

He told me that I can’t leave my tampons in our trash in our bathroom….

because it smells like a dead animal.

And apparently I need to be more considerate after using the toilet.

And being a woman is gross obviously. And he almost threw up.

Don’t mind the fact his facial hair is all over the sink. Or he takes extra long in the bathroom..

I respectfully appreciate him talking to me about it in a genuinely nice way…. I sincerely do understand what he’s saying and will be a more considerate roommate

but still. There was a shade of misogyny in his words.

“Your tampons in the trash smell like dead animals and I almost threw up”

yup, you know why? Because I’m fertile and each month my body cries out the life sustaining materials for existence. My uterus carries the burden of a harmful society and sheds out the waste like a body sweating out toxins…

I bleed so humanity thrives.

But still I’m gross, right?

My vagina smells like death.

My blood is tainted with disease…

I’m not supposed to be gross and messy….even though humans are messy.

never mind the fact that I have magic running through my veins and my muscles can contract and expand in a way that only the galaxy could fantasize about. You know how humans are made of stardust? well babies are made of a women’s uterine lining. My uterine lining is derived of stars and struggle. Hope and divinity. Levity and joy. All flourishing together in the walls of an interior universe.

How dare you make me feel like a freak. Like trash.

You should worship those of us who bring you into this world. Who sustain humanity, one blood laced uterine lining at a time.






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