I wont call you mom

because I’m the mom. I won’t expect you to connect with me, to understand to hear what I say to comfort and console me. Because you have never been able to do that. And I used to dismiss your inabilities due to your own traumatic history… but that doesn’t mean I have to keep running […]

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walking on rosebuds

and crescents moons. knowing smiles, daring embraces. This steady, full hearted knowledge of peace. wholesome. Complete. Is this satisfaction? Is this love? Could it possibly be what I have fought for all this time? That twinkling shower of raindrops down my spine. That hearth of security rising in my chest My body planting new roots in […]

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is this the real life

or just fantasy?   how can I possibly be feeling so complete? physically and emotionally? My body carving out a new existence in the folds of a lover I never thought could be real. Could only be imagined.   I believe in the power of manifestation. And working through my issues. And I’ve been really […]

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TEDx 2015

(Wait till its quiet)   IMAGINE…   A Sunday spent with your best friend at the movies. He insists on buying your ticket. He’s never offered before. Later, he insists on treating you to dinner. He mentions that he can be a gentleman. That he can take you on a date. This was never a […]

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Texts That Shape Us

Advanced Comp Text That Shape Us 3/9/10 “House M.D.” The TV show House M.D. has had one of the most significant impacts of any form of medium in my life. House is a TV show about a brilliant, damaged and somewhat sociopathic doctor who saves lives unconventionally. The show’s creator David Shore created the protagonist […]

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cant stop

hoarding and eating my roommate’s food. Only if its desserts. Only if its cake. I have this fear they’ll throw out perfectly good delicious food and then– then—- THEN?   I dont know but I need to eat the cake before it goes to waste. I’ve been taking slivers of it. And I mean I […]

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White Liberal America’s Cop Out

****frank thoughts from a white woman who’s trying to be a better ally presents: White Liberal America is only outraged if their money and power is being used against them or unjustly (Occupy Movement, Koch Brothers). Yet the minute a member of a marginalized community is gunned down, White Liberal America hides behind their fake […]

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