cant stop

hoarding and eating my roommate’s food.

Only if its desserts. Only if its cake.

I have this fear they’ll throw out perfectly good delicious food and then–




I dont know but I need to eat the cake before it goes to waste. I’ve been taking slivers of it. And I mean I know it’s not going to get eaten…I think? Who buys a giant cake and only eats one bite?

What a waste of money.

I can’t throw out food. I must eat it.

It feels like a compulsion. But mostly a fear. A deep rooted fear. So fierce that I force myself to eat sugary things even when Im full.

My roommate threw out three perfectly good muffins the other day.

I rescued them from the trash

and ate them for breakfast the next couple of days.


this is weird. I need to stop.

I need people to stop buying food and wasting it.

It destroys me watching perfectly good food go to waste.


What is this shit.

I really hope no one fucking asks about the missing cake.





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