Texts That Shape Us

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Text That Shape Us


“House M.D.”

The TV show House M.D. has had one of the most significant impacts of any form of medium in my life. House is a TV show about a brilliant, damaged and somewhat sociopathic doctor who saves lives unconventionally. The show’s creator David Shore created the protagonist Dr. Gregory House as a tribute to the atypical person. Part of the show’s goal is to remove the stigma behind mental illness and prove that people who might be damaged are just as valuable as those may not be afflicted by some ailment.

Dr. House is the man responsible for finding the flaws within oneself and using it to his or her advantage. Dr. House is crippled by an infarction in his thigh which has caused him to be permanently miserable (physically and mentally, as he puts it, “no one wants a damaged doctor”). However his brilliant, puzzle solving mind diagnoses diseases that are never heard of and saves people’s lives on a daily basis.

Hugh Laurie plays House, and what makes Hugh such an influential actor is that he suffers from depression. He doesn’t let his depression stop him from acting but instead utilizes his experiences and emotions in his role as House. To have the ability to publically demonstrate that a person is capable of anything, that a damaged doctor is one of the most brilliant minds in the TV world, and that a well acclaimed actor suffers from depression, captivates me in no other way.

The show’s format is very analytical, ethically interesting and exceptionally brave with its script. Dr. House harasses his patients who in turn analyze him and try to offer him help or some guidelines to achieving happiness. House’s journey from a Vicodin addict to a person who seeks an end to his suffering demonstrates a genuinely beautiful side to humanity: our quest for happiness and success cannot be stopped. We don’t let our flaws or damage leave us permanently unsalvageable, beyond repair. Dr. House and Hugh Laurie have influence me, since they’re the reason I don’t give up and embrace all of the flawed person that I am.


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