walking on rosebuds

and crescents moons.

knowing smiles, daring embraces.

This steady, full hearted knowledge of peace.

wholesome. Complete.

Is this satisfaction?

Is this love?

Could it possibly be what I have fought for all this time?

That twinkling shower of raindrops down my spine.

That hearth of security rising in my chest

My body planting new roots in soil that actually nourishes me, rather than sucks me dry.

To be seen for what I am and what I aim to be…

rather than just a piece of meat to be devoured.

To be adored.

To be lavished.

To be cared for.

I have never thought these feelings would be felt. How wonderful, how grateful I am to be standing here today feeling so alive.

There is luxury in companionship. Growth in communication.

Harmony in overcoming our fears.

Thank you for making this so magical.



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