I wont call you mom

because I’m the mom.

I won’t expect you to connect with me,

to understand

to hear what I say

to comfort and console me.

Because you have never been able to do that.

And I used to dismiss your inabilities due to your own traumatic history…

but that doesn’t mean I have to keep running back to the woman who makes me feel unloveable.


You birthed me.

Thank you for that.

But ever since then, you have made me the parent. I had to soothe you. Calm you. Listen to you confide in me horrible, terrible things.

I was your parent, your friend, your therapist.

I was never your daughter.

I never got to have a childhood because of the negligence–so why should I call you my mom?

I dont owe you anything. I know you love and support me. But each time we interact I find myself only experiencing pain and suffering.

Why keep repeating the same patterns expecting a different outcome?



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