Thank you for all the amazing support you have shown the Medic & Healer Council! *** We also need a transport vehicle and snow-ready ATVs URGENTLY – if you have a reliable vehicle you are… Source: Donate

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drop and stop

I had to drop the client. My time and energy and skills were just going to waste. It’s awful because I believe in their project but our work ethic/styles are not compatible. I know they’re crushed. But I can’t impose my will on them and expect things to work out. That’s not what I was […]

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rise up

I’ve been thinking long and hard, finally able to ground myself in reality and recover from my catatonic anxious state induced by the election.   I think how Trump got elected is a reflection of a few yet loud group of people (white angry cis men) who benefit from rape culture and see their power […]

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