rise up

I’ve been thinking long and hard, finally able to ground myself in reality and recover from my catatonic anxious state induced by the election.


I think how Trump got elected is a reflection of a few yet loud group of people (white angry cis men) who benefit from rape culture and see their power slipping away from them. The rise of Hillary, the rise of women claiming space in the victim-perpetrator narrative, the rise of survivors, the rise of women and NGC folks existing and loving without fear and pushing the boundaries of this heteronormative patriarchy is what (I think) caused this backlash.

Yet Trump is a weak man. He will fall to the power of the divine majority who no longer want to live in a world that benefits from their pain.

men are affected by rape culture

women are affected by rape culture

non gender conforming folks are affected by rape culture.


it’s disease and we  have slowly but surely treating it….and yet those few who benefit from rape culture were able to vote and have their voices heard. They used intimidation and violence to silence those of us who are scared for our lives, and it works. (insert reference to New Jim Crow Law and how so much of marginalized populations lose their rights to vote since they are incarcerated for non violent crimes and such…etc etc.)

But today we must rise up and keep breaking these boundaries, keep toppling the patriarchy, keeping fighting for a world without sexual violence, without racial violence, without any violence!

How do we do this? Keep existing. Keep loving. Keep moving forward. Don’t be a bystander. Don’t be apathetic. Don’t let those bigots who benefit from our silence and apathy continue to claim all the attention. Disrupt the narrative. You matter. Don’t you forget it.

It’s hard work. Laborious, tedious and soul crushing. I recommend sectioning off maybe just 15 minutes a day of staying up to date with what you can do and what’s going on in the world. Just 15 minutes. This can be 15 minutes of sharing an informative article. 15 minutes of reading a book written by (Q)POC. 15 minutes of signing a petition. 15 minutes of donating your time or resources to a cause. 15 minutes of listening to others. 15 minutes of supporting someone who is experiencing trauma. 15 minutes of staying in this moment and being engaged and doing what you can do keep moving us forward.

This is our wake up call.

Now Rise Up and Move out.



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