drop and stop

I had to drop the client.

My time and energy and skills were just going to waste. It’s awful because I believe in their project but our work ethic/styles are not compatible.

I know they’re crushed. But I can’t impose my will on them and expect things to work out. That’s not what I was hired for. I was hired to assist and there’s nothing to assist in producing if they can’t even produce themselves. They expect me to do everything but they aren’t paying me for that. I need them to take control of the direction of the project….but they are expecting me to do it and it’s not my project. They’re asking me to do leadership things without giving me the freedom and salary to do so.

It’s like trying to ride a bicycle by they won’t let go of the brakes.

I’m tired of spending my time boosting their egos and confidence when I need to be moving forward and doing real work. Work with deadlines and pay that matches my skillset. I think I’m saying goodbye to freelance.


Or at leas to this client. It’s just not working out.

What else can I do? I can’t make things work with them, even though I love them.

I already do so many things for so many people for free….

I have to stop.


If I give you a task to do and you can’t do it, what the hell am I doing? Or if i set up a meeting for you and your can’t attend it, what am I doing?


ahhhh frustrating….

Ok. This is going to be fine. It’s not my job to fix everyone and make everything.


I have my own dream to attend to.





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