Ballad of the Codependent Lover

No Bills

Part One: In Which I See that You are in a Cage

…and I want to get you out of there. After all, I am very clever! I know a lot about cages, having inhabited a few. For one thing, I know that the locks aren’t real. The doors open easily; all you have to do is walk right through.

Oh yes, I know all about it. And thank goodness! Because you will need me, need my expertise. I’m sure of it.

I will climb into that cage with you and I will teach you everything I know. I will plumb my depths. I will dig down into the bottom-most reaches of my soul, the places I hardly ever visit. I will pull out pearls. I will offer them to you – at first tentatively and then with a greater force and abandon as you require more and more of…

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