Dr. Negligent

Im spinning. The world stops and switches direction. I lose my feet. My hands disappear. My head is cut off.

Can she come to your brother’s bar mitzvah?

The doctor. The one who psychologically abused you. Medicated you for a disease you didnt had. Whos medicinal touch made you ill…practically dead.
At least they asked. At least they had the courtesy to ask. But 

So much spinning. My body left the building. How can a psychiatrist have this much negative influence over me?

Unresolved emotions. Trauma. Blame. Shame.

Its his bar mitzvah. Does he want the doctor who treated all of us there? The doctor who treats mother, daughter, son, father with a variety of medications.

The doctor who put father on adderrall to counteract the effects of topomax?

What is this? She treats you to make you better but makes you sick so youre dependent on her like glue. 
She needs us to be sick so she can feel worthy.
She makes us pop pills so she wont stop playing with us like guinea pigs.
Her god complex is going to kill my family.
No. Dont have her come to his bar mitzvah


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