When I was in the 5th grade

the only friend I had was my pet senegal parrot, Kayah.

I would come home from school and she would be eager to see me. I went everywhere with her. She was my confidant and companion. Most importantly, she made me feel loved and appreciated.

during a time in my life when I was regularly ridculed and ostracized, I found sanctuary with my parrot, Kayah. I also found some company in books. I read this one book called The Wringer, about a boy he adopts this pigeon as his pet in a town with a history of pigeon shooting etc.

Anyways, all you really need to know is that I identified with the boy and his pigeon. Pigeons have always gotten a bad rep from society—but in reality there just survivors like me.

adapting to their situation

trying to survive

maybe even thrive.


and the fact that today a pigeon couple returned to our balcony to lay an egg for the third time this season has mean thinking of their resilience–be it evolutionary or not–and I just feel horrible that my SO keeps insisting that we must raid the pigeons nest and destroy their eggs.

It hurts because the pigeons are not bothering me. I guess they bother SO? They are outcasts, just trying to live.

and when you attack them

you attack me….

however stupid that sounds.


Pigeons are not just rats with wings

they are doves. Rock doves.

they carry messages

they travel over enemy territory

they are smart

they are survivors

and I love them.


I love all birds really. I always have and always will.



Top: Me and Kayah

Left to Right Bottom: First pigeon egg laid in April in the miracle grow, 2nd attempt at egg laying in tomatoe plant, third attempt this morning.


Each time my S.O. has gotten rid of the eggs trying to deter the pigeons.


But nevertheless, they persisted.


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