when you think you’re safe

its amazing how life can be so brilliant and shiny. full of effervescent giggles and tingling sensations. That warm growing glow in your chest. That loving embrace of living everyday presently… and yet there are still things that come by and by and make you stumble   A man that looks like the rapist. Fear […]

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Texts That Shape Us

Advanced Comp Text That Shape Us 3/9/10 “House M.D.” The TV show House M.D. has had one of the most significant impacts of any form of medium in my life. House is a TV show about a brilliant, damaged and somewhat sociopathic doctor who saves lives unconventionally. The show’s creator David Shore created the protagonist […]

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what I looked like

content warning: description of sexual violence/rape/assault   in the days, weeks and months following the night I was raped doesn’t really matter. See it wasn’t just that night that really traumatized me. Yes I was violated and treated like a fleshlight. My body was a cum dumpster. Nothing but a piece of flesh that was […]

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Drunk infused ramblings

I just want to hate everyone. I want to be miserable and ride this anxiety thats suckling my tit. But Im also fighting my depressive antecedents with positive thinking. Because theres a part of me that thinks I can manifest anything if I just think and put the energy into it. I hate that I […]

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