Intergenerational Trauma

“Emerging trends in psychotherapy are now beginning to point beyond the traumas of the individual to include traumatic events in the family and social history as a part of the whole picture. Tragedies varying in type and intensity—such as abandonment, suicide and war, or the early death of a child, parent, or sibling—can send shock […]

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Texts That Shape Us

Advanced Comp Text That Shape Us 3/9/10 “House M.D.” The TV show House M.D. has had one of the most significant impacts of any form of medium in my life. House is a TV show about a brilliant, damaged and somewhat sociopathic doctor who saves lives unconventionally. The show’s creator David Shore created the protagonist […]

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A list of triggers

that cause me to disassociate talking about disassociation the word “boundary” eating out with my family driving in the car with my family violent, angry screaming high pitched sounds my college campus the dentist lecture halls bathrooms conference rooms cars honking verbal fighting talking about Brother seeing dogs mount each other and no one intervening […]

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Originally written in fall 2012 My earliest memory, you see, was when I was a little less than 2 years old. My mom was sobbing as she dragged me out of the house late one night. I was in overalls. Sucking on a pacifier.Trying my best to soothe myself, trying to soothe her. Because she […]

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I never smoke

But last night I took a hit or two off my roommate’s joint. I’ve only have gotten toked up once or twice before….and just barely a hit But last night I threw out my rulebook. I decided to take advantage of a seemingly benign opportunity. I was feeling uninhibited, relaxed and daring but then I […]

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Hiding behind prescriptions

I just learned today that Lorazepam  is the clinical(?) name for Ativan. I know what Ativan is. I know what Lorazepam  is. I was treated regularly with Lorazepam…except it was never strong enough. Never lasted long enough…which is why Klonopin became my go to. But I didn’t realize there one and the same. That Ativan […]

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