Her lips tickled like rosebuds. Her eyes drew daggers through my heart. And yet when I asked her for star shine and authenticity, her body bled out. They say she died of malnourishment. I say she died of a broken heart.  Advertisements

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when I feel sexy and beautiful and deliriously drunk on my own self esteem I want to streak through the streets. This is my body and it is beautiful. Its mine. Not yours. And running naked is just another example of how phenomenal I can  be. These are my breasts My hips. my thighs my […]

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did you know

every time I close my eyes I see you. You follow me like a parenthetical. Always there yet never the center of attention. I taste brine in the back of my throat as I choke back the years of wishful thinking that I spent on your crooked smile. You look like the beauty I could […]

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Broken memories

Its like my body knows this is familiar. Yet I search through archives of memories and everything is redacted. Or buried deep behind miscategorized emotions and nightmares bleeding into reality. Senses dont lie. My body has been here before. It can be as innoculate as eating trailmix that keeps hijacking my memory as it searches […]

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Today I learned I have needs.  Ha how ridiculous does that sound. But seriously–for the majority of my existence I have always put other peoples wants and needs ahead of mine to the point I surpressed my own basic needs. Like sleeping. Eating. The basic standards of health. A life worth living. A decent life. […]

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I keep your picture

Hidden in plain sight. And when I cant sleep, I look at that moment in time and imagine I took that picture. And youre smiling at me. And this is for us. Not for anyone else. I caress the pixels, pondering the future.  This could be us. This will be us. I hope.  When Im […]

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